Daedalus 142:3 (Summer 2013) - Immigration and the Future of America

Latin American Immigration to the United States
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Old Politics, New Arrivals

Doris Provine Contribution by. Nancy Foner Editor ,. Rumbaut Editor. Steven J.

Old Politics, New Arrivals

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Regardless of their effectiveness, research suggests that the demographic composition of private prisons is racially disparate. In an analysis of adult correctional facilities in , private prisons had significantly fewer white and more Hispanic populations when compared to their public counterparts. As to why racial and ethnic disparities exist, research points to the role of private prisons in immigrant detention, which has lead some scholars to argue that the private prison industry is just a small segment of a massive immigrant industrial complex. This line of research posits that this complex perpetuates the criminalization and stigmatization of immigrants, especially among Latinos, and as a result comes at a significant cost to immigrant families and communities.

Brett C. Karen M. Tanya Maria Golash-Boza. Attitudes about homosexuality vary globally. While gay marriage is currently legal in more than twenty countries, many nations still criminalize same-sex relationships. Amy Adamczyk. In the United States, the late s witnessed little acceptance of same-sex marriage, except for small groups of people who tended to be highly educated, from urban backgrounds, or non-religious.

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Shibboleth OpenAthens. For example, in unmarried Mexican adult children sponsored by U. Thus arrival before adolescence is critical to achieving English fluency. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Brett C. Furthermore, the integration of separate hemispheric ceilings into a single worldwide total in dramatically curtailed the number of visas available to Mexico, the largest single sending nation. This book

By , support for same-sex marriage increased dramatically , though older Americans, Republicans, and evangelicals were significantly more likely to remain opposed to same-sex marriage. Such a dramatic shift in a relatively short period of time indicates changing attitudes rather than generational differences. Dawn Michelle Baunach. Kathy Hull. Americans have also become more inclusive in their definition of family.

In , nearly half of Americans emphasized heterosexual marriage in their definition of family, while only about a quarter adopted a definition that included same-sex couples. By , nearly one third of Americans ascribed to a more inclusive understanding of family structures. Evidence suggests that these shifts in attitudes were partially the result of broader societal shifts in the United States, including increased educational attainment and changing cultural norms.

New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

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Jeni Loftus. Despite this progress for same-sex couples, many challenges remain. Members of the LGBTQ community still experience prejudice, discrimination, and hate crimes — especially for trans women of color. Even with support for formal rights for same-sex couples from the majority of Americans, the same people are often uncomfortable with informal privileges, like showing physical affection in public.

While the future can seem harrowing, the recent victories in the United States and Australia for same-sex couples and transgender individuals would have been unheard of only a few decades ago, which offers a beacon of hope to LGBTQ communities. Mary Bernstein and Verta Taylor , eds.

The Marrying Kind? Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. And What Obstacles Remain? Douglas B. Downey , Paul T. Patrick Denice , Betheny Gross. Rich , Jennifer L. Jennings Diane Ravitch. Richard Arum.

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And providing these lunches has been found to lead to a decrease in disruptive behavior. Importantly, research shows that cutting programs like these would mean that the poorest, most at-risk youth would bear the brunt of the blow, losing observed benefits to academic and social skills that subsidized lunches have been shown to provide.

Foundations of Immigration Reform with Edward P. Lazear: Perspectives on Policy

Godwin Ashiabi. Michael Vaughn , Christopher P. But there is research that finds these programs can be beneficial. Participating in these programs can predict lower disciplinary measures for students, even for students who are at higher-risk for delinquency. Robert Apsler. However, getting at risk-youth to participate in after-school programs is not always easy. There are a wide variety of programs available, but those intended to provide non-delinquent options to at-risk youth often face the greatest uphill battle. Factors determining youth delinquency, such as issues at home, are difficult for extracurriculars to overcome.

Amanda Brown Cross , Denise C. Gottfredson , Denise M. Wilson, Melissa Rorie , and Nadine Connell. Why Afterschool Matters. Rutgers University Press. Originally posted November 22, We often think of Thanksgiving as a time to have a family meal together and strengthen family bonds. But research shows that family dinner does not actually increase well-being in and of itself — it only works if the meal-time discussion is used to actually engage with those at the table and learn about their day-to-day lives.

Kelly Musick and Ann Meier.

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Daedalus (Summer ) - Immigration and the Future of America - Kindle edition by Douglas S. Massey, Nancy Foner, Charles Hirschman, Richard Alba. Daedalus. Phyllis S. Bendell, Managing Editor. Featuring the work of some of the 3 - Immigration & the Future of America Daedalus Summer , Vol.