Dan Flavin, “monument” to Vladimir Tatlin (German Edition)

Dan Flavin
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It stands, a vibrantly aspiring order, in lieu of his last glider which never left the ground'.

Flavin admired Tatlin's desire to unite art and technology 'away from the usual institutional confines which are supposed to identify art so especially apart from daily concerns'. The use of the term 'monument' in the title of this series is supposed to be ironic; the fragile fluorescent tubes are contrary to the bronze or stone traditionally used in monumental sculpture, and in order to emphasise this point Flavin has insisted that it be spelled in lowercase letters.


Buy Dan Flavin, "monument" to Vladimir Tatlin (German Edition): Read Books Reviews - trinovempleasten.gq This homage to the Russian Constructivist artist Vladimir Tatlin shows the . Guggenheim Berlin, for Flavin's work has always been at home in Germany, and in fact Elizabeth Levy, Managing Editor/Manager of Foreign Editions; and Esther Yun, .. which he titled "monument" for V. Tatlin, but that was a reference to Tatlin's.

All of the Tatlin monuments use white fluorescent light tubes set adjacent to each other but are arranged in a variety of configurations, rising vertically, as in the Australian National Gallery's version, horizontally and also diagonally in others. Flavin may have executed as many as thirty sketches for different configurations of the series between and

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