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The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History
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Nothing since has come close. The executives of the shipping behemoth, like every other non-Ukrainian victim WIRED approached to speak about NotPetya, declined to comment in any official capacity for this story. Oleksii Yasinsky expected a calm Tuesday at the office.

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But not Yasinsky. The bank had told ISSP that it was facing a ransomware infection, an increasingly common crisis for companies around the world targeted by profit-focused cybercriminals. One told him that another victim had attempted to pay the ransom. As Yasinsky suspected, the payment had no effect. This was no ordinary ransomware.

In , the malware NotPetya spread from the servers of an unassuming Ukrainian software firm to some of the largest businesses worldwide, paralyzing their operations. His phone, too, began to explode with calls from ISSP clients who were either watching NotPetya tear across their networks or reading news of the attack and frantically seeking advice. A portion of one major Ukrainian transit hub, where ISSP had installed its equipment as a demonstration, was fully infected in 16 seconds.

Ukrenergo, the energy company whose network ISSP had been helping to rebuild after the blackout cyberattack, had also been struck yet again. Derevianko was driving north to meet his family at his village house for the holiday when the NotPetya calls began. Soon he had pulled off the highway and was working from a roadside restaurant.

By the early afternoon, he was warning every executive who called to unplug their networks without hesitation, even if it meant shutting down their entire company. It would hit at least four hospitals in Kiev alone, six power companies, two airports, more than 22 Ukrainian banks, ATMs and card payment systems in retailers and transport, and practically every federal agency. According to ISSP, at least companies were hit, and one senior Ukrainian government official estimated that 10 percent of all computers in the country were wiped.

The attack even shut down the computers used by scientists at the Chernobyl cleanup site, 60 miles north of Kiev. With no cash in his pockets, he eyed his gas gauge, wondering if he had enough fuel to reach his village. Across the country, Ukrainians were asking themselves similar questions: whether they had enough money for groceries and gas to last through the blitz, whether they would receive their paychecks and pensions, whether their prescriptions would be filled.

Doc on a single computer. That gave NotPetya the only foothold it needed. The shipping terminal in Elizabeth, New Jersey—one of the 76 that make up the port-operations division of Maersk known as APM Terminals—sprawls out into Newark Bay on a man-made peninsula covering a full square mile. Tens of thousands of stacked, perfectly modular shipping containers cover its vast asphalt landscape, and foot-high blue cranes loom over the bay.

On a good day, about 3, trucks arrive at the terminal, each assigned to pick up or drop off tens of thousands of pounds of everything from diapers to avocados to tractor parts.

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The gate clerks had gone silent. Soon, hundreds of wheelers were backed up in a line that stretched for miles outside the terminal. Many of the containers, known as reefers, were electrified and full of perishable goods that required refrigeration.

In fact, it was a clusterfuck of clusterfucks. Gates were down. Cranes were frozen. Tens of thousands of trucks would be turned away from comatose terminals across the globe. Then his phone rang. When he answered, he found himself on a conference call with three Maersk staffers.

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They told him to drop everything and go there. Two hours later, Jensen was on a plane to London, then in a car to an eight-story glass-and-brick building in central Maidenhead. Some Maersk staffers, Jensen learned, had been in the recovery center since Tuesday, when NotPetya first struck. Some had been sleeping in the office, under their desks or in corners of conference rooms. Others seemed to be arriving every minute from other parts of the world, luggage in hand.

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Maersk had booked practically every hotel room within tens of miles, every bed-and-breakfast, every spare room above a pub. The Maidenhead recovery center was being managed by the consultancy Deloitte. Maersk had essentially given the UK firm a blank check to make its NotPetya problem go away, and at any given time as many as Deloitte staffers were stationed in the Maidenhead office, alongside up to Maersk personnel.

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Instead, staffers had gone into every available electronics store in Maidenhead and bought up piles of new laptops and prepaid Wi-Fi hot spots. Jensen, like hundreds of other Maersk IT staffers, was given one of those fresh laptops and told to do his job. After a frantic global search, the admins finally found one lone surviving domain controller in a remote office—in Ghana.

At some point before NotPetya struck, a blackout had knocked the Ghanaian machine offline, and the computer remained disconnected from the network. Amazon's email notification comes after the company announced mid-September it was starting an investigation into rumors that some of its employees, especially in China, were selling customer data to store owners. The same report said Amazon employees were also deleting reviews for bribe, helping some store owners gain an unfair advantage and having products rank higher in search results.

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It is unclear if the firing of this employee was related to last month's investigation, although this would be the primary explanation for Amazon suddenly discovering and releasing an employee for selling customer data. Amazon had previously appealed to its customers to report cases where they received email spam from Amazon sellers.

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The primary effect of Amazon staffers giving store owners access to users' email addresses is that third-party sellers can then send unsolicited emails with product catalogs. Amazon store owners don't normally have access to users' email addresses. Another effect would be that store owners could approach former customers with discounts or other offers in exchange for the user changing a previous negative review. As a result, the employee has been tarminated and we are supporting law enforcement in their prosecution.


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