Hymning & Hawing About America:A Few Symbol-Minded Essays

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I take comfort, however, in knowing that our nation has prevailed before, despite tough times. You, the new leaders of America, are charged with an important duty — the preservation of democracy.


Our nation needs men and women like you to help it bind its wounds. I am confident that you are well equipped to do just that if you have courage, resilience and empathy. Through the efforts of hard working Americans like you, who cherish patriotism, loyalty, friendship, family, service, and sacrifice, all will yet be well again. Democracy is a living, breathing thing. It requires our sustenance to continue.

Trippett, Frank

In your time at State, you have learned much and have grown intellectually, emotionally, and socially. So put those smartphones down and get out there. Embrace life. Volunteer, run for office, serve in the military, join the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps or Teach for America, discover your cause and immerse yourself in it. Army and Air Force]. Hold tight to the other things in life that matter too: your family, your friends, your religion, and the people who prepared you to succeed. So get up, get out there and make every day better than the last.

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One person can make a difference. The violence of the last century claimed over million lives, so now we are due a peaceful century.

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You have the power and responsibility to create that kind of a world. I agree with the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, that in order to create a happier, peaceful world, we need to first find inner peace.

World peace can be achieved through seeking inner peace and mediating conflicts — not through the use of weapons. We build resilience into ourselves — as no one is born with it. We build resilience into the people we love and we build it together as a community. It is in our relationships with each other that we find our will to endure, our capacity to love, and the power to make lasting changes in the world.

Learn from it. Martin Luther King, Jr. That is the beauty of America because we continually get new chances, new opportunities to get it right. The truth is: we cannot solve the problems we face by blaming someone else. We are all in this together, and we all must be part of the solution. Virginia and I gave you and Mississippi State a gift. It is the collection about Abraham Lincoln and our Civil War. We wanted it to come here for many reasons and one of those is to give you access to the rudiments that Lincoln possessed — a fundamental vision, a golden temperament, and a shrewd strategy for how to cope with the realities of the moment.

He saw America as a land where ambitious poor boys and girls like himself could transform themselves through hard work. He was involved in a bloody Civil War, but he was an exceptionally poor hater. His strengths reflected discernment, which involves waiting, listening, letting competing options for action emerge and choosing one after prayer and deliberation. Lincoln had empathy. He recognized a shared humanity between himself and African-Americans. Slavery was wrong, and he knew it needed to end. It was in conflict with the very principles of our Founding.

What better place is there for our Lincoln Collection, gathered in Rhode Island and throughout the world, than here at Mississippi State University as not only a symbol but a resource for continued healing in this great land? We live in a partisan time, and I do not see a Lincoln on our horizon.

A person with his face could not survive the multi-media age.

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But we do need in our leaders, in you our future leaders, a portion of his gifts — someone who is philosophically grounded, emotionally mature, and tactically cunning. Your futures are bright. You stand on the bottom rung of a very tall ladder — let passion; sincerity and earnestness propel you to the top.

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The civic fabric will be stronger if, instead of trying to sever relationships with those who have done wrong, we try to repair them, if we try forgiveness instead of exile. Clearly, you understand the importance of keeping independent, free-form, non-commercial community radio alive! June 26, by reasonablycatholic Leave a comment.

As of this writing, and with the close of the fiscal year just days away, WESU is still shy of meeting its spring pledge drive goal. Can you help keep independent, free form, community radio alive in our area? Please go to www. June 19, by reasonablycatholic Leave a comment. Apologies for posting this late! Thanks, Holly, for bringing it to my attention! Top photo: painter Holly Whiting, left, and woodworker Dana Scinto were commissioned to create art for St. Holly created 14 paintings depicting the Stations of the Cross. Father Michael Whyte, the pastor, instructed her to avoid tidying up the violence of some scenes so that parishioners will realize how much Christ loves them.

She also carved the small table next to it in the sanctuary. To Father Michael, the previously unadorned interior of St. Catherine of Siena parish resembled a hangar more than a church. He raised the money to commission the art and also enlisted volunteer help.

June 12, by reasonablycatholic Leave a comment. Ed has performed around the globe at storytelling festivals and other venues.

Have a few extra shekels to toss toward the radio station that makes programming like this possible? June 5, by reasonablycatholic Leave a comment. In the second part of the show, Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, which works for full equality in the Church for LGBTQ Catholics, takes up a recent affirming statement — made in private to a gay survivor of sexual abuse — that God made him that way and loves him that way. May 29, by reasonablycatholic Leave a comment.

America: A Personal History of the United States (1972) 05: Inventing a Nation

Oh, save them, help them, shield, train, develop, teach, inspire them! Snatch them, in God's name, as brands from the burning!

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Hymning & Hawing About America is a collection of essays by Frank Trippett, who has been called “one of the really mind-blowing talents of his generation as a journalist, essayist, and story teller.” The subjects of his essays range from politics. Hymning & Hawing About America is a collection of essays by Frank Trippett, who has been called one of the really mind-blowing talents of his generation as a​.

There is material in them well worth your while, the hope in germ of a staunch, helpful, regenerating womanhood on which, primarily, rests the foundation stones of our future as a race. It is absurd to quote statistics showing the Negro's bank account and rent rolls, to point to the hundreds of newspapers edited by colored men and lists of lawyers, doctors, professors, D. D's, LL D's, etc. True progress is never made by spasms.

Page 26 Real progress is growth. It must begin in the seed. Then, "first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. It at least proves that there is nothing irretrievably wrong in the shape of the black man's skull, and that under given circumstances his development, downward or upward, will be similar to that of other average human beings.

But there is no time to be wasted in mere felicitation. That the Negro has his niche in the infinite purposes of the Eternal, no one who has studied the history of the last fifty years in America will deny. That much depends on his own right comprehension of his responsibility and rising to the demands of the hour, it will be good for him to see; and how best to use his present so that the structure of the future shall be stronger and higher and brighter and nobler and holier than that of the past, is a question to be decided each day by every one of us.

The race is just twenty-one years removed from the conception and experience of a chattel, just at the age of ruddy manhood. It is well enough to pause a moment for retrospection, Page 27 introspection, and prospection. We look back, not to become inflated with conceit because of the depths from which we have arisen, but that we may learn wisdom from experience. We look within that we may gather together once more our forces, and, by improved and more practical methods, address ourselves to the tasks before us. We look forward with hope and trust that the same God whose guiding hand led our fathers through and out of the gall and bitterness of oppression, will still lead and direct their children, to the honor of His name, and for their ultimate salvation.

But this survey of the failures or achievments of the past, the difficulties and embarrassments of the present, and the mingled hopes and fears for the future, must not degenerate into mere dreaming nor consume the time which belongs to the practical and effective handling of the crucial questions of the hour; and there can be no issue more vital and momentous than this of the womanhood of the race. Here is the vulnerable point, not in the heel, but at the heart of the young Achilles; and here must the defenses be strengthened and the watch redoubled.

We are the heirs of a past which was not our fathers' moulding. But weaknesses and malformations, which to-day are attributable to a vicious schoolmaster and a pernicious system, will a century hence be rightly regarded as proofs of innate corruptness and radical incurability. Now the fundamental agency under God in the regeneration, the re-training of the race, as well as the ground work and starting point of its progress upward, must be the black woman.

With all the wrongs and neglects of her past, with all the weakness, the debasement, the moral thralldom of her present, the black woman of to-day stands mute and wondering at the Herculean task devolving around her. But the cycles wait for her. No other hand can move the lever. She must be loosed from her bands and set to work. Our meager and superficial results from past efforts prove their futility; and every attempt Page 29 to elevate the Negro, whether undertaken by himself or through the philanthropy of others, cannot but prove abortive unless so directed as to utilize the indispensable agency of an elevated and trained womanhood.

A race cannot be purified from without. Preachers and teachers are helps, and stimulants and conditions as necessary as the gracious rain and sunshine are to plant growth. But what are rain and dew and sunshine and cloud if there be no life in the plant germ? We must go to the root and see that it is sound and healthy and vigorous; and not deceive ourselves with waxen flowers and painted leaves of mock chlorophyll. We too often mistake individuals' honor for race development and so are ready to substitute pretty accomplishments for sound sense and earnest purpose.

A stream cannot rise higher than its source.