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Was Cybersnooping the Secret Event of 2010 Olympics?
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The Museum of Vancouver invited ten Vancouverites to enter the vaults and each select an object that sparked memories of happiness and that will encourage positive feelings in everyone. August 16, — October 12, Visitors can hunt for them or drift through the galleries and take their chances. Some works hide in plain sight, speaking only to those who stop to listen. Others deliberately pull focus and make a ruckus.

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February 28, — March 15, Come see more than 80 submissions from local and international teams; some entries came from as far away as Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, and Vienna. October 29, — January 11, The objects selected will highlight shifts in relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, as illustrated in the design of the objects themselves and in the exchanges and practices to which they give rise.

September 18, — March 8, This exhibition demonstrated how historical events shape our daily lives and have lasting impacts. It included features that engaged families, including an activity station for kids and adults alike, and the opportunity to virtually try on period garments. In Vancouver was a burgeoning, multicultural port city and a hub for migrants searching for new opportunities. On the cusp of the Great War, Vancouver waged its own internal battle to determine what type of city it wanted to be. A flashpoint was the arrival of the Komagata Maru — a steamship carrying British Indian passengers who were denied entry into Canada.

This modest-sized exhibition — guest curated by Naveen Girn — examines the enduring impact that this dramatic event had on Vancouver. Stories, rare artefacts, images and documents provide new insights into how national policies and racial bias shaped the lives of Komagata Maru passengers and South Asian immigrants.

The Vancouver we know is more culturally attuned to and integrated with nature than any city of a comparable size on earth. Despite this, our city has dramatically transformed the natural environment. The exhibition is comprised of taxidermy specimens, 3D models, soundscapes, videos and photo interventions that challenge our perception of what is natural to Vancouver. The art of city building has always required many talents. Builders and architects are often remembered for their accomplished constructions, but architectural illustrators have frequently been overlooked.


This collection of plans depicts architectural and urban projects that were proposed in Vancouver at different historical periods but never materialized. M Pei, Andrew Malczewski, and others, from Creator of about 15 million images over his lifetime, Foncie captured Vancouverites in action as they strode the city streets.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alison Appelbe is a travel writer whose work has appeared. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alison Appelbe is a travel writer whose work has appeared Secret Vancouver by [Appelbe, Alison].

His photographs trigger vivid memories for long-time residents who recall the particular day, the hour, their companions, the circumstances. Daniel Evan White knew exactly how to play with houses. The modest Vancouver architect drove innovation along the west coast from to , creating homes that his clients claim were life changing. Discover his remarkable work in this first retrospective of his career. Joe Average has delighted Vancouverites and the world with his bold, whimsical and exuberant paintings and prints since the s; his art living in public squares, markets, bridges, and street banners.

More recently Joe turned to photography proposing new encounters with familiar Vancouver scenes and reminding us that nature and humans constantly interact with each other in the city.

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Visitors can expect to gain context on the materials and stories they are exposed to every day - from online dating to safe sex ads to the pride parade. You're sure to leave recalling your own "birds and bees" talk with your parents and other such stories.

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The MOV is pleased to present the first time solo exhibition of internationally acclaimed Vancouver-born artist Tobias Wong. He was cheeky, playful, witty, and clever. He appropriated, manipulated, manufactured, mass-produced, and re-issued objects, pouring new meanings into them. Like many pioneers, his art both seduced and upset.

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You'll want to see first hand why Wong is considered a forerunner of conceptual design. Following the riot on June 15, after the Vancouver Canucks lost game seven of the Stanley Cup finals, broken windows on downtown businesses were hastily boarded up with sheets of plywood. The MOV received 86 of the boards for its permanent collection.

The design style known as art deco began in Paris in the s and quickly gained worldwide popularity. It was also influenced by an increased ability to travel world wide — bringing inspiration not only from modernism, but from faraway places such as Russia, Egypt, and Mexico. The results are in and the photos are up! Maraya is an art project that looks at the relationship between urban waterfronts in Vancouver and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Through photography, video, public art, public programmes and an interactive online platform, new forms of urban living pioneered in both countries are explored, showing how we are connected in ways that are both familiar and surprising.

The first museum exhibition of its kind of Canada, Bhangra. Architectural design competition display of models from emerging architects. Take in the creativity of emerging architects as the MOV plays host to an exhibit of the Migrating Landscapes Competition. Architectural models are created by young Canadians to reflect on how cultural memory plays a role in our way of thinking about space and home.

There are the families we are born with and there are the families that we choose. This photography and oral history project invited local queer and allied community to model with their chosen family and share their stories. Suspended in the Museum of Vancouver, a mammoth polarfleece sweater becomes a soft lodge.

New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system.

Secret Vancouver 2010: The Unique Guidebook to Vancouver's Hidden Sites, Sounds, and Tastes

Infographic: Let the Games Begin! The Royal Canadian Mint used recycled gold, silver, and copper harvested from 6. The last truly gold Olympic medals were awarded at the Winter Games in Stockholm.

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The Youngest Winter Olympic gold medalist ever: Korean speed-skater Kim Yoon-mi, who was 13 years, 83 days old when her relay team won gold in The Oldest Winter Olympic gold medalist ever: British curler Robin Welsh, who was 54 years, 29 days old when his team triumphed in Events Innovation Festival The Grill. Follow us:.

Why the 2010 Olympics security budget is still secret

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