The Boy from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

A poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks made good
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From now on, if I'm making up the words on a gif or image they'll be red, and yellow if it's the actual dialogue. It may not have been obvious, but all of the text on the gifs from 2x18 was the actual dialogue. Time for an update on the Ericlogue. Jason has dubbed over his mother's "lose weight while you sleep" tapes, transforming them into "learn to skate in your sleep" tapes.

Eric comments that he doesn't want to "skate in my sleep", and Jason has the gall to question Eric's intelligence. I'm preeeeeeeeeeeeetty sure you don't get to talk right now Jason, what with dubbing over fucking weight loss tapes and actually thinking it's going to work. They fire a few more blanks from the joke gun, and we're back to Shawn and Cory.

It's essentially the same exact scene as the last one. Shawn's running errands for Harley, and Cory tries to snap him out of this bull shit with no success. Shawn spews some whiny garbage about how he and Cory can't be friends anymore since he's poor and has no future, and he storms off again.


Look at those two gifs and tell me you're not rolling your eyes. God this is frustrating. I'm going to do the full explanation of why this is stupid at the end of the review.

wrong side of the tracks

Turner isn't happy and tells Keiner to quit corrupting Shawn. In turn, this lecture makes Keiner unhappy, and he plots revenge against Mr. And nowwwwwwwww we get a dream sequence. That in itself is neat, Nancy Kerrigan is and was a pretty big deal, but this scene is so bad. It's three minutes of Eric's stunt double skating far enough away from the camera that we can't see his face. I'm not exaggerating, the faceless stunt double spends more time skating than Nancy Kerrigan. It's a complete waste of time. But who can blame them? This whole episode is pretty shallow. Like I said, they did the exact same scene twice, so they're just throwin as much time away as they can.

Well we're at school the next day, in the teachers' parking lot. Harley's revenge is to have Shawn bust up Turner's motorcycle. This picture is rife with symbolism. The bat represents this episode's writers, and the motorcycle represents the script. Before Shawn actually does any damage, Cory shows up, then Turner arrives, and they give Shawn a good talking to.

Another fictional novel with the usual twists and turns with most every turn of the page as is the writing style of Hayden Lee Hinton. This smooth reading, exciting, and unusual story of a dying elderly man reflecting about his troubled life from his hospital bed. There are several stories within the main story of the book. The mysterious and shocking events throughtout the story will bring tears of joy and saddness, as well as, horror filled emotions. A book you won't want to put down. Hayden Lee Hinton was born in Tucson Arizona in a military brat.

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