The Great 10 Companions of Prophet (PBUH)

Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
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Allah would grant success to those warriors, as far as they would bring their kings by dragging them in chains. And Allah would forgive those warriors by the Blessing of this Great War. Just as the prophecies of Khurasan became popular during the wars in Afghanistan, the Ghazwa-e-Hind divinations became a staple of the Islamist discourse after the launch of jihad in Indian-controlled parts of Kashmir in Throughout the s, Pakistani official media also encouraged discussion of the Ghazwa-e-Hind Hadith to motivate jihadists. In fact, every major Pakistan-based jihadi group that launched terrorist attacks across the border claimed that their operations were part of the Battle for India promised by the Prophet.

We will launch Ghazwa-e-Hind.

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Our homework is complete to get Kashmir. This, in fact, is the opinion of the majority of the Ulema, qualified Islamic scholars. Other Indian clerics have offered alternative explanations of the Hadith. Although the idea of Ghazwa-e-Hind as a war against the contemporary Indian state has not been universally accepted, it continues to feature in the jihadist discourse.

Jihadists have differed on interpreting the Hadith, especially in the aftermath of the September 11, attacks, when al-Qaeda was uprooted from Afghanistan and the Pakistani government led by General Pervez Musharraf chose to side, albeit only partially, with the United States. Divisions among jihadists about attitudes toward the Pakistani state and government are reflected in their interpretation of Ghazwa-e-Hind as directed solely against modern-day India or encompassing also Pakistan. For some time, discussion of the epic battle for India diminished in the jihadi discourse while grand strategies for the expulsion of Western influence from the Middle East took center stage.

In their interpretation, the reference to India is said to cover Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. One such article argued that the jihad in Pakistan did not depend upon the American presence in Afghanistan, as the jihadists were fighting for the implementation of Sharia in Pakistan and to avenge the deaths of prominent jihadists at the hands of the duplicitous Pakistani regime.

It does not matter even if the Americans leave Afghanistan.

List of Sahabah

The recent revival of interest in the Ghazwa-e-Hind prophecy reflects rivalry between competing jihadi groups. Al-Qaeda has apparently sought support from Kashmiri and Uygur groups for its expanded battle on the Indian subcontinent. The operation was most likely undertaken by terrorists who had already been operating with one of several regional groups active on behalf of al-Qaeda. But in the event, al-Qaeda sought credit for the parent group, almost as if it sought to assert its brand against the appeal of ISIS.

We shall never forget your oppression of our brothers in Kashmir, Gujarat, and Assam; and you shall reap what you have sowed. In his call for global jihad, Baghdadi listed the countries and regions where mosques were being desecrated and Islamic sanctities violated. For your brothers all over the world are waiting for your rescue, and are anticipating your brigades.

It is enough for you to just look at the scenes that have reached you from Central Africa, and from Burma before that. What is hidden from us is far worse. So by Allah, we will take revenge. In the past, al-Qaeda has successfully recruited fighters from each of these countries and regions. Abdul Rehman al-Hindi had surfaced a year earlier with calls for Indian Muslims to join the group and wage jihad. This disgraceful pacifism will not benefit you, so why do you wait until your women are raped and blood of your sons spilled?

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1 Abu Bakr is in Paradise, 2 Umar is in Paradise, 3 Uthman is in Paradise, 4 Ali is in Paradise, 5 Talhah is in Paradise, 6 Az-Zubayr is in Paradise, 7 Abdur Rahman bin Awf is in Paradise, 8 Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas is in Paradise, 9 Sa'id ibn Zayd is in Paradise. 10 Great Companions of Prophet PBUH is a compilation by Darussalam Publishers' Research Divisionthat throws light on the life and status of 10 companions.

And beware of the nationalistic democratic attitudes of some of our misguided Islamic organizations. It promised to unify the ranks of fighters in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and India. With permission from Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, you will hear another glad tiding. These anti-Islamic policies that assail Islamic beliefs, symbols and the noble Prophet of Islam are only a manifestation of complete subjugation to India.

The events in Bangladesh enjoy the blessings of both India and America, since their interests in fighting Islam overlap, and this is why their bilateral relations are becoming stronger day by day. Al-Qaeda appears to be attempting to maintain support among radical Islamists in the subcontinent by directing its ire at India. Its leaders have been active in Afghanistan and Pakistan since the s anti-Soviet jihad and maintain close ties to the Pakistani-supported Afghan Taliban and Kashmiri jihadi groups.

By focusing on India, al-Qaeda hopes to retain the support of Pakistan-backed groups, which interpret the Ghazwa-e-Hind Hadith to mean re-conquest of Hindu India without hitting Muslim Pakistan. ISIS , on the other hand, has accepted the allegiance of groups that are violently opposed to both the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. ISIS affiliates appear to have opted for the alternative interpretation of Ghazwa-e-Hind, offered by groups such as the TTP , to pursue jihad in all parts of historic Hind.

He is Allah the Creator, the Inventor of all things, the Bestower of forms. To Him belongs the Best Names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorify Him. Ch When Allah the Most High decided to create the earth, sun, planets, stars, and the galaxies those that are known and those that are unknown to us-- He commanded them: "Be!

As for the method of creation, it is unknown to us except what Allah revealed, which is that He created the heavens and the earth and the spaces in between in six days.

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Allah the Exalted declared: Allah it is He Who has created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them in six Days. These six days are calculated as Allah the Almighty's days. This means they are not like our days on earth, as we count the day according to the earth's rotation once around its axis and the year according to its orbit around the sun. Perhaps these six days are thousands of years, or even millions of centuries, by our calculation nowadays, or perhaps they are more or less than that. They might be something totally different by Allah's reckoning.

Allah told us that He created the heavens, the earth, and everything that is between them in six days, the established Himself on the throne of the universe. Everything submitted to His will; everything was indebted to Him; everything prostrated and showed reverence to Almighty Allah. He controlled the working of everything and everything needed Him. He is the One Who needs nothing and no one, but everything was everyone needs Him. All was complete. Allah the Almighty's will had been accomplished.

The universe was created and had prostrated to Him as a symbol of its needs and its desire for sustenance and in submission to His will. Among the best and the most vunerable of Allah's creatures are the angels. Among the angels are those whose mission is to communicate with human beings.

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In addition, we get detailed descriptions of his features and body build. Has history ever known anyone else with the ability to wean a nation from alcoholism? At the end of the 10th year after the migration to Medina, Muhammad performed his first truly Islamic pilgrimage, thereby teaching his followers the rules governing the various ceremonies of the annual Great Pilgrimage. Fundamentalists all share a common narrative, which is that history has gone awry, and what went awry was modernity; in this case, Western modernity. This helped shape the egalitarian nature of Islam, providing a social narrative in which the holiness of men was not evidenced in their material possessions or social class, but rather in their acts of piety and righteousness. It was revealed in the Quran that a small group of jinn had listened to the Quran. Abu Dharr said, "Ali is best of all in this nation, and he is the apportioner of Heaven and Hell, the Siddiq and Farooq of the ummah and, the divine proof for this nation".

One of these conveys Allah's messages to humanity through His prophets, and that is Gabriel Jibreel , the chief of angels in the heavens and the symbol of goodness. Allah the Almighty called him "the trustworthy": And truly, this Quran is a revelation from the Lord of the Alamin mankind, jinn and all that exists , which the trustworthy Ruh Gabriel has brought down upon your heart O Muhammad that you may be one of the warners. Along with the angels, Allah has created the jinn. They are part of the Ghaib the unseen and have no visible or tangible bodies.

The jinn and the angels are totally different even in the stuff they are made of, for Allah created the former from fire and the latter from light.

Early Life of Muhammad

The angels are Allah's soldiers, who are created to worship Him and to realize His Commands in the universe. They are pure and absolutely good. As for the jinn, they are assigned a certain nature; some of them are good, while others are corrupt. It was revealed in the Quran that a small group of jinn had listened to the Quran. Some of their words were revealed therein; There are among us some that are righteous, and some the contrary; we are groups each having a different way religious sect etc.

And of us some are Muslims who have submitted to Allah after listening to this Quran and of us some are Al Qaasitun disbelievers, those who have deviated from the Right Path ; and whosoever has embraced Islam has become Muslim by submitting to Allah , then such have sought the right path. We know that the jinn procreate for Allah the Almighty asked: Will you then take him Iblis and his offspring as protectors and helpers?

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One of the notorious names among the jinn is that of Iblis Satan , who was standing with the angels when they received a command to prostrate to Adam. When Satan refused to prostrate, he became a symbol of evil in the universe. He was one of the jinn, he disobeyed the Command of his Lord.

Allah's prophets are His messengers to humanity. Their essence is human, and they are the purest of human beings. Allah sent each prophet as a warner to his community, until the advent of the final prophet, Muhammad pbuh , who came as a mercy to all of Allah's creatures. Allah the Almighty declared : We have sent you O Muhammad not but as a mercy for the Alamin mankind, jinn and all that exists. Indeed, if it had not been for Muhammad pbuh , we would not have known the true stories of the prophets as they took place.

This is because their stories were distorted and corrupted before Muhammad's pbuh mission.

10 Companions Promised Paradise

The resulting versions did not respect the dignity and infallibility of the prophets. For example, the corrupt books of the Jews narrate a story of a prophet who drank alcohol and commited adultery with his own daughter; of a prophet who sent the commander of his army to war in order to ensare the commander;s wife; of a prophet who worshipped idols after marrying a pretty young idol worshipper, they said he prefered to please her by worshipping her idol than to please his Creator.

All the time you read these books you feel that youa re confronting a false, confused, and misguided mentality which lies about Allah and His prophets.

If you leave the corrupt books of the Jews for those of the Christians, you will find a contrary attitude which is almost a reaction to the first. The Christians glorified their prophet Jesus pbuh to the degree that most of the sects call him the son of Allah. Allah is high above that! The true image of the prophets was lost by either degrading or over glorifying them. Were it not for the Quran, we would not have known their true nature.

Prophecy & the Jihad in the Indian Subcontinent

The prophets and messengers have different levels and degrees. Allah the Almighty stated: Those messengers! We preferred some to others; to some of them Allah spoke directly ; others he raised to degrees of honor.